Catholic Faith

The greatest gift we can receive, and the greatest gift we can give is contained within our Catholic life of faith!  It's a gift so often misunderstood, or not understood well enough.  It's a gift that can change your life today, and continue to change you on into eternity!  The gift is God Himself just waiting to be discovered and loved within the context of the Catholic faith.  This faith is universal and open to all people.  But it's also personal in that we are each invited to make this faith "my" faith!

Below are the various chapters of this web-based book of the Catholic faith.  The reflections summarize our Creed and are based upon the Catechism of the Catholic Church.   

Introduction - The Creed

Chapter 1 - Coming to Faith

I Believe... - Desire for Happiness - Fulfilling that Desire - Coming to Know God - Revelation - God Reveals Himself - God Keeps Speaking - Magisterium - Sacred Scripture - Obedience of Faith

Chapter 2 - God and His Creation

God's Name - The Father Almighty - Almighty - Maker of Heaven and Earth

The Fall of Man - Original Paradise - Male and Female - Unity of Body and Soul - Creation of Man

Chapter 3. The God-Man and His Mother

Professing Faith in a Person - Jesus Christ, Son & Lord - Through Him All Things Were Made - God Becomes Man - Why He Did It - What He Did - 100/100 - Fully God, Fully Human - The Mother of God - The Final Outcome - The Virgin Mother - Mother of God - Mary's Immaculate Conception - God's Perfect Plan

Chapter 4 - God Suffers Death

Jesus Makes Some Enemies - God is Crucified - Who is Responsible for His Crucifixion? - The Havoc Caused by Disobedience - Free and Perfect Obedience Untangles Disobedience - A More Philosophical Explanation - The New and Perfect Sacrifice - Jesus is Buried - He Descended into Where?

Chapter 5 - Death Has No Victory!

A Real Historical Event - Resurrection or Brought Back to Life? - A Work of the Trinity - The Veil is Lifted - The Ascension - At the Father's Right Hand - His Return in Glory...and Grace - A Time of Judgment - Will Cremated Bodies Also Rise?

Chapter 6 - The Holy Spirit

What is the Holy Spirit? - Where Do We Meet the Holy Spirit? - Images of the Holy Spirit - The Holy Spirit's Activity in Salvation History

Chapter 7 - The Church

Symbols of the Church - Some Initial Distinctions - A Bit of Historical Perspective - The Mystery of the Church - Marks of the Church - One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic - The Hierarchy and the Pope - The Threefold Office to Preach, Shepherd, and Sanctify - The Laity - Consecrated Life

Chapter 8 - The Glorious and Final Things!

Communion of Saints - Heaven - Purgatory - Hell - The Final Age to Come - Our Blessed Mother - The Queen of All Saints!